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Top 7 Fitness Myths

Top 7 Fitness Myths

by Jennifer Barthole

April 05, 2018

 1.Crunches and sit-ups are the best ab exercise.

 Ever since our old gym class days we were taught that to lose the fat and get a six pack on your midriff, you had to do crunches. However, what people don’t realize is that crunches only focus on one specific part of your mid-drift, not the entire abdominal area. In order to get those rock hard six-pack abs, one needs to exercise their entire abdominal area not just one spot. In addition to that, only working your abdominal area won’t give you “flat stomach”.  Fat is actually burned by a change in your body temperature, which then triggers your metabolism to burn fat.  Below are a list of a couple fitness bloggers with videos that encompass all ab moves!

Popsugar fitness

Tone it up

Sarahs Day

Whitney Simmons

2. Exercise machines are better than free weights

Since the machines only target a very specific muscle group, you actually burn less than you would with a wide range of motion with the free weights.

3. Exercise takes up too much time & effort

Trying to be fit doesn’t mean spending 24/7 at the gym. In fact all you really need is a minimum of 30 minutes of activity to burn some calories and make your way to being fit.  In fact there are tons of youtube vloggers who have at home workouts. 

4. Exercise makes you more tired

The other biggest myth is that exercise makes you more tired. What people don’t realize is that exercise doesn’t make you more tired, but actually increases your energy. Any form of physical activity gets your blood flowing, and in turn releases endorphins. These endorphins raise your energy level. So in simple terms exercise = more energy!

5. You can target your fat burn

It’s impossible to only target one specific area to lose fat, once you start to exercise your body will lose fat all over.

6. You should stretch before you workout

Surprisingly it’s a fact that stretching loosens your tendons, and makes your muscles feel weaker. This makes you feel less steady and can actually mess with your workout.

 7. Lifting heavy weight bulks you

Contrary to popular belief lifting heavy weights can actually slim you down. Lifting challenging weights for less reps actually burns more calories, than doing more reps with lighter dumbbells.

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