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Juicing - Health or Hype?

Juicing - Health or Hype?

by Michelle Mitchum

October 17, 2017

Within recent years, juicing has become the ‘thing’ to do.  The trend is not without benefit, as there are great healing properties of juicing. Juicing is a great way to add the nutrients from fruits and vegetables that you may not eat normally.

There are claims that juicing can prevent cardio vascular disease, cancer, and arthritis.  Also many fruits and vegetables contain a compound of flavonoids, which have great oxidative properties that protect against cellular damage.   While juicing is a great alternative to eating fruits and vegetables, it is not a good idea to use juice as a substitute for consuming whole fruits and vegetables, because during the process of juicing gets rid of nutritious fiber, and fiber is very important in maintaining a healthy digestion system, so be aware of claims that juicing is enough to keep your body healthy. 

Also, do a little research before you jump into juicing. If your juices contain mostly sweet fruits, or very little vegetables, you can actually put yourself at risk for developing diabetes, or if you frequently juice blends that contain carrots, beets, or other vegetables with high doses of beta-carotene, you can develop a condition called “carotenosis”, a disease that causes your skin to develop a yellowish-orange tint.

Lastly, when you are making your own juices, try to make just enough for one setting. If not consumed right away, juices can develop harmful bacteria and cause food poisoning, so make sure to wash your fruits/vegetables thoroughly to remove pesticides, dirt and bacteria.  Very dangerous bacteria can live on your fruit and make you sick.

Incorporating juicing into your lifestyle Is a great idea- just be sure to do a little research before you begin.

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