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How To Take Photos Like An Instagram Model

How To Take Photos Like An Instagram Model

by Naina Pai

December 14, 2017

Hi, my name is Naina, and I am an Instagram addict. I absolutely love it and I’ve used it every single day since I was fifteen. I would be lying if I said that my fitness goals didn’t directly coincide with my Instagram goals. Yeah, yeah, yeah I want to “feel healthier” and “be able to run a mile without passing out,” but most importantly, I want to post some awesome pictures and get a million likes. Sorry, I’m a millennial.

Despite my passion for the platform, perfect pictures have always eluded me. My feed was ok, but it was nothing like those of models who just look so pretty that you know they won’t follow you back but you follow them anyway. Using thorough research techniques (scrolling through about 100 different Insta influencer accounts), I’ve compiled a list of the most important things to remember when taking photos to make your Instagram account worthy of 1M followers. 

 1: No slouching

            This is probably the most important tip for posing for photos. Posture can mean the difference between looking like Giselle and looking like Quasimodo. Standing up straight makes your stomach look flatter, your chest look larger, and your entire body look (and feel) more confident. I naturally have very poor posture, (which I’m working on!) but it means that my I can sometimes look awkward and slouchy in photos. However, when I try to correct the problem in pictures, I can sometimes end up appearing stiff and unnatural. The best way to normalize your posture in photos is to arch your lower back and then relax your shoulders. This looks the most natural and is actually a good thing to remember every time you catch yourself slouching.

 2: Use motion

            If you’ve ever seen a video of a professional model doing a photoshoot, there is a reason that they move around a lot. There should be fluidity from pose to pose instead of going from one straight into another. Using motion in your poses makes them look far more natural and makes for better photos. For example, instead of immediately putting your hand on your cheek, have your photographer snap the photo while you are in the process of moving. You’ll look a lot less stiff and less posed.

 4: Lighting is key

            Outdoor lighting is easiest to work with because it looks good on everybody. You want to avoid harsh sunlight because it makes your skin look washed out, but also try not to shoot at nighttime with flash. The best times to take pictures are at either sunrise or sunset. The sun isn’t directly overhead at these times so it’s easier to position yourself so that the light hits you just right. The lighting also isn’t harsh white, and can add some warmer tones to your skin, making you look tan and glowy.

5: Be yourself!

            The main appealing factor that all of these Insta-famous girls have is that their pictures are all original. While it’s perfectly ok to look to others for inspiration, don’t copy their pictures just to make your account more popular. Develop your own style and dynamic when it comes to posting. Your feed should reflect your individuality and personal brand, and you should try and make your own unique content.





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