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Gym Essentials: What to Pack in Your Duffle Bag

Gym Essentials: What to Pack in Your Duffle Bag

by Michelle Mitchum

August 31, 2017

When exercise feels like an afterthought and you find yourself only hitting the gym on an odd Saturday or Sunday, you don’t have to put much planning into your trip. You just throw on your gear and go. But when staying active is a lifestyle the way it is for us here at FITLIFE, prepping for the gym is a whole other story. With the busy life that you lead, it’s imperative to make the little things as easy as possible. This includes making sure that your gym bag is properly packed and ready to take you from your nine-to-five to your 6:30 p.m. fitness class.


Want to know our duffle bag must-haves? Read on and discover the essentials you’ll want to pack to make your transition from office-appropriate to gym-ready streamlined and worry-free.


  1. Water Bottle

If you carry a reusable water bottle to work every day to stay hydrated, then you’re already ahead of the game. If not, you’ll want to invest in one that you can keep in your gym bag. It’ll eliminate the need for you to run back and forth to the water fountain when you’re lifting weights or are in the middle of an instructor-led class. Have a little fun with it, too—grab one that speaks to your personal style, be it a bright, patterned version or a minimalist, stainless-steel number.


  1. Gear

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but even the best bag-packers have fallen victim to forgetting a pair of athletic socks or a t-shirt. Avoid a similar fate by gathering your entire outfit from head to toe and packing it all at once. Pro tip: Pack two pairs of sneakers, if possible. Designate an old pair for the commute to and from the gym, and another pair to be worn only inside the gym. It’ll keep the sole treads on your studio shoes fresh for a longer period of time, letting you get the most use out of them.


  1. Towel & Headphones

Whether you’re heading to yoga or hitting the treadmill, sweat comes with the territory of a good workout. Wick away the sweat—and keep your equipment dry—with a small to medium-sized towel. And if solo workouts are your jam, bring along a pair of headphones to help you get in (and stay in) the zone. Wrap-around or over-ear headphones work well for cardio machines, while ear buds can be great for a cool-down stretch session.


  1. Outerwear Layers

So you’ve got your water, workout outfit, towel, and headphones—now what? Don’t forget about the post-workout commute. Even in the warmer months, you never want to leave the gym in a drenched tee. If you prefer to take your post-gym shower in the comfort of your own home, pack an additional t-shirt (short sleeves or long sleeves will do) and pull it on for a dry, fresher alternative. During the cooler seasons, layer up accordingly: hoodies, track pants, jackets, etc.


With these four essentials, you’re ready to load up your bag and head out. Make them your go-to for every gym day and you’ll never have to worry about the packing process again.

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